WPSP Pro 1.0

WP Show Posts Pro 1.0 is now in the beta testing stage. This is a long overdue update with lots of improvements and new features.

You can download the alpha version inside your account.

Learn how to update to this alpha version here.


We’ve implemeted a handful of pre-built card styles thanks to David Beckwith at Flint Skin. These cards make it easier to accomplish various complicated designs.

You can check out demos of the available cards here.


You can now display your posts within a simple carousel! Carousels work with your existing list settings, including all the styling options and even the new cards!

You can check out demos of some carousels here.


  • New: Carousel option
  • New: Card Presets
  • New: Title font size
  • New: Section classes option
  • New: Image color overlay (not on hover)
  • New: RGBA color pickers for image overlay colors
  • Tweak: Open social sharing links in small windows
  • Tweak: Remove Google+ option
  • Tweak: Add GDPR message to Love it option
  • Tweak: Use full image in lightbox
  • Tweak: Add support for button class option in AJAX pagination button
  • Tweak: Fix padding option label
  • Tweak: Improve how pro options get list settings
  • Tweak: Update the updater
  • Tweak: Overall code cleanup
  • Tweak: Add wpsp_pro_love_icon_disable_ip_store filter
  • Tweak: Minify featherlight scripts and styles
  • Tweak: Improve hover icon placement
  • Fix: Lightbox/gallery getting confused on pages with multiple lists
  • Fix: Make social icon colors list-specific
  • Fix: Order comments options better in list settings

WPSP 1.1

WP Show Posts 1.1 has been released.

This is a major code re-write which will allow us to update and add to the pro version more freely.


  • New: Button class option
  • Fix: Duplicate post classes
  • Fix: Post classes PHP notice in some themes
  • Fix: PHP 7.2 PHP warning while editing lists
  • Tweak: Pass $settings to wpsp_wrapper_atts filter
  • Tweak: Remove font-size and line-height CSS (allow themes to handle it)


  • Fix: Performance issue dealing with lots of terms in list admin
  • Fix: Post class clashes with GP Premium
  • Tweak: Allow name in shortcode instead of ID
  • Tweak: Use theme defined font size for title elements (removes the default 30px)


  • Fix: Fix image hover effects in WPSP Pro


  • New: Allow multiple taxonomy terms to be selected
  • New: Choose the title HTML element
  • New: wpsp_disable_title_link filter
  • New: wpsp_disable_image_link filter
  • New: wpsp_read_more_output filter
  • New: wpsp_inside_wrapper hook
  • New: wpsp_image_attributes filter
  • New: wpsp_term_separator filter
  • New: Option to add comments number/link in post meta
  • New: Allow override of settings within shortcode parameter
  • New: Add standard post classes to each post
  • Tweak: Remove many function_exists() wrappers – check your custom functions!
  • Tweak: Pass list settings through hooks instead of using global
  • Tweak: Clean up code considerably
  • Tweak: Use the_excerpt() instead of custom function
  • Tweak: Remove border radius from read more buttons
  • Fix: Broken author setting
  • Fix: Remove image float on mobile
  • Fix: Missing color labels in WP 4.9

WPSP Pro 0.5

WP Show Posts Pro has been released with a focus on more styling features.

Take a look at what changed here:

  • New: Background color + hover
  • New: Title color + hover
  • New: Meta color + hover
  • New: Text color + hover
  • New: Link color + hover
  • New: Read more background + hover
  • New: Read more text + hover
  • New: Read more border + hover
  • New: Twitter color + hover
  • New: Facebook color + hover
  • New: Google+ color + hover
  • New: Pinterest color + hover
  • New: Love icon color + hover
  • Tweak: Remove old fixed read more colors – your chosen color will be brought over to your new color options
  • Tweak: Show license key area only to administrators
  • Tweak: Move styling options from “Styling” tab into their respective sections
  • Tweak: Improve licensing system
  • Fix: WooCommerce style conflict
  • Fix: Only add negative margin when columns are active

WPSP 1.0

  • Add new hook inside image container: wpsp_inside_image_container
  • Fix issue with pagination and random post ordering
  • Clean up defaults to only include free options
  • Add margin to the top of pagination
  • Use manual excerpt if it’s set

WPSP 0.7

  • Prevent direct access to files
  • Add prefix to all column classes to avoid conflicts
  • Use wp_trim_words() function for excerpts
  • Fix conflict with Maintenance plugin
  • Make columns full width on mobile
  • Allow more tag usage when excerpt is set
  • Add blank option in widget to fix bug in Customizer/Elementor

WPSP 0.6

  • Add height: auto to images to prevent image stretching in Beaver Builder
  • Prevent horizontal scrolling when posts are in columns
  • Change “More query args” section name to “More settings”
  • Allow multiple IDs in “Post ID” option
  • Add “Exclude IDs” option
  • Add “No results message” option
  • Add “WP Show Posts” widget to add posts in widget areas

WPSP Pro 0.4

WPSP Pro 0.4 has been released with the following fixes and additions:

  • Apply filter to load more text and make translatable
  • Apply filter to loading text in ajax pagination
  • Fix bug where image gallery wasn’t working on items loaded via ajax
  • Add next/prev arrows to image gallery
  • Add .pot file for translations