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I’m so confused. I have had this pro plugin since August, only getting around to using it.

For custom post types… that term usually refers to a “custom.. post.. type” (not a blog post) – Like if I set up employees, products, portfolio, etc. But it sounds like this is for BLOG posts. Right? It does NOT work on non-blog-posts custom post types?

Also, the gallery thing shown in your video… I don’t get it where the images are coming from. Where do you create the gallery to have it shown there? I haven’t found or seen a way to create a special gallery to be shown OR… will it only show a gallery of just your blog post’s featured images (is that a thing?). The example video goes so fast that I’m not sure I can use this for what I thought it did.

I also am not able to show the blog posts with the image to the left of the excerpt. I know I verified my pro license and I’m just so confused. Do you additional usage documentation somewhere?