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Oops, I forgot to wrap it into <style></style> then I can address with the CSS a specific location in Elements. Now it works.

I played a bit around and made 3 pages:
1. No additional CSS
2. 1st code

.wpsp-card .wp-show-posts-image img, 
.wpsp-card.wp-show-posts-columns .wp-show-posts-single .wp-show-posts-image img {
    object-fit: unset;

3. 2nd code

.wpsp-card .wp-show-posts-image img {
    height: auto;

I think, this is the best solution for me.
In the page I prepared a screenshot to explain my formatting problems.
I want the title at the same height as the image as well as title and text with the same border width as the image. The “Read more” text should be directly attached to the text, without border. Is that possible?
My original idea was to use cards without background. Then the pictures would have to be flush on the edge and the text could be even wider.