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Home Forums Pro Support Is Specific WPSP CSS Applied Sitewide? Reply To: Is Specific WPSP CSS Applied Sitewide?


Hi Tom,

As a user of GP Premium, I can see just how much effort you put into performance – so I had no doubt you were following best performance practices.

That said I didn’t realize there wasn’t even an *option* for this kind of functionality. No wonder so many plugins have this issue.

Just one more question to add to this then: does that mean that I should delete and/or draft any of the WPSP that I’m no longer using?

Otherwise wouldn’t that mean that their specific CSS associated with them, e.g.:

e.g. there will be this code:

#wpsp-123 h2 {


Would be on all of my wordpress pages – even though the shortcode isn’t used? Since you can’t see if the WPSP is being used, I would presume that you publish the CSS based on its published/draft status?

I realize this is a tiny amount of CSS, but if it’s WPSP that I’m no longer using then there is no point keeping them around if it’s adding even a tiny amount of CSS.

Please let me know whether I can draft these posts to remove the CSS associated with them, or whether I need to delete the specific WPSP altogether.

Thank you very much for your help Tom!

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