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Hi Tom, sorry, I’ve been off for the festivities and now have other live jobs to attend to, I haven’t had time to look further into this until just now. I’ve tried unpublishing all posts/pages but one – same. Changed all the manual excerpts to the same text – same. Changed all featured images to the same image (twice, one with a wide/shallow image and once with a 4:3 image) – same. I’ve also now made all the featured images the same size (the wide/shallow option) and tried various options with the image size in WPSP. If I remove the sizes they display more or less the same across browsers, but they are, unsurprisingly, very wide and shallow due to the image proportions. If I add only width it’s the same as without specifying a size; if I add only height it has no perceivable effect; if I make the image square it displays as it should in Firefox but is waaay taller than wide in Chrome. Stumped.

I’d still like to understand why the display is different between browsers. I can’t see how the title/text/image choice would affect the sizing in Chrome/Safari but not in Chrome. It would point to a CSS thing, no? Or the way the images are sized in WPSP? I’m pretty sure you could replicate this using any title/excerpt/image as all the above is in a fresh WP/GP/GP Premium/WPSP install with no additional CSS. If a login to the test site would help – to check the WPSP settings and general setup? – I’m happy to set one up.