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I’m having issues with a category not showing via a couple of different WPSP lists.

The first issue I had was there is a custom “No results message” in the More Settings section so I assumed you didn’t need posts connected to a category. I was originally setting it up without a post with that category as I’m using the “Use Static Pages as Category Archives” solution in the WPSP documentation located here and assumed that I could set up some categories ahead of time for a client’s site.

Once I figured out that I couldn’t do that, I added a test post with that category and all worked fine with my set up of having a page/WPSP list for all categories and then one for each category using a page.

I completed the changes locally, then uploaded to production with everything being fine. I looked this morning and we’re back to the posts in the category not showing up.

The odd thing is, I’ve checked the WSPS list that should be the “all categories” list and when I switch the Taxonomy setting to category, the missing category does not show up in there.


The “all categories” page: https://strathmoreovernightshelter.com/shelter-news/
The “Events” page that should be showing just one article but is show others: https://strathmoreovernightshelter.com/shelter-news/events/

I doubt the links will help but I figured I’d add them just in case. 🙂

I hope this makes sense…

Thanks in advance,