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In the meanwhile I made some more tests:
a) I tried to substitute the excerpt with a custom field. The problem is that the php You’ve indicated, if I insert it in the functions.php it works so far. But the custom field is shown everywhere, even where I don’t want it. Question is how I can limit the php to the specific page (using Elements?) – for now I took it out
b) If I use the custom field, I’ll need the read more button a bit above the border
c) In the same sample page, below the Polaroid are Overlay cards. There I need to trigger the text size (px, bold, etc.). Title and text exceed the image width (672px), this shall not be. Furthermore I need to trigger colour and size of the “read more” arrow, used code is

add_filter( 'wpsp_ellipses', function() {
    return sprintf( 
        '...<a href="%1$s">&ensp;<strong>→</strong></a>',
} );

but it’s more or less invisible.