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Sorry, I can’t get this to work. Assuming the tag I want to limit shown posts to is called “new”. How would I add that to the snippet?

How are you defining primary categories?

I assumed it’s from the GP theme, but it’s from the SEO plugin, so this is how one would access the primary category according to the dev:

// WordPress core:
$term_id = get_post_meta( $post_id, ‘_primary_term_’ . $taxonomy, true ); // int or false

//= TSF 3.0+:
$term = the_seo_framework()->get_primary_term( $post_id, $taxonomy ); // WP_Term or false.
$term_id = the_seo_framework()->get_primary_term_id( $post_id, $taxonomy ); // int

As mentioned above ideally it would look for Primary Category (if not available)-> Subcategory (if not available)-> Any Category.

Looking at the WP_Query parameters I couldn’t find anything for subcategory specifically. Is there a workaround?