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Why is this not working then, even tho it gives out the format you said is needed:

$scores = get_crp_posts_id();

$rel_posts = array_column( (array) $scores, 'ID' );

$rel_posts_sep = implode(', ', $rel_posts); 

add_filter( 'wp_show_posts_shortcode_args', function( $args, $settings ) {
    if ( 1234 === $settings['list_id'] ) {
        $args['post__in'] = $rel_posts_sep ;

    return $args;
}, 10, 2 );

wpsp_display( 1234, $args );

All it does is showing the latest posts again.


$scores = get_crp_posts_id();

$rel_posts = array_column( (array) $scores, 'ID' );

print_r( $rel_posts )

Gives out the same format as

$rel_posts = array( 305512, 334934, 332645, 334067 );

print_r( $rel_posts )

So why would I need to change anything on the format? All I need is to display an array of post IDs with WPSP now or am I missing something?