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Hi, I update this topic with some questions that I was able to solve by my own, thank you!



I’m using the pro beta version 1.0 and want to ask some questions to see in which ones you can help me:

How to remove the posts images links? I want to keep the image but don’t allow it to be linkable, just leaving the post title with a link
How to give a round border to the post image?
How to change the display grid of posts for mobile? It is fine to show a 3 column block in deskopt, but on mobile I would like to reduce the size of it (just like the picture below):

How to add the text “date” just before the date display below post titles?
How to increase the font-size of the date text a little bit?
How to reduce the margin of the excerpt text below the date?
How to decrease the font-size of the text excerpt?
This is the url of my site where I am trying to archieve this (the posts grid just below the tag line “Todas las comparativas de Cámaras”: WEB

Thank you so much in advance!