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Hi David,

That makes sense, as our resizer kicks into gear when you specify custom image sizes in the list. That image resizer typically won’t work with plugins like filter the output of normal featured images, which are output when no custom sizes are added.

This is a tricky issue as of right now, as there’s no way to target individual lists with that filter.

However, you can see in the next version we’ve added a $settings variable to the filter:

So if you make that change to your current version, you’d be able to do this:

add_filter( 'wpsp_default_image_size', function( $size, $settings ) {
    if ( 123 === $settings['list_id'] ) {
        return 'size-for-123-list';

    if ( 456 === $settings['list_id'] ) {
        return 'size-for-456-list';

    return 'medium'; // Size for everything else.
}, 10, 2 );

Let me know if you need more info 🙂