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Hi there!

I was able to get the category next to the date with the built-in option. To remove the link from the date I added:

add_filter( 'wpsp_date_output', 'tu_wpsp_updated_date_first' );
function tu_wpsp_updated_date_first() {
	$time_string = '';
	$time_string .= '<time class="wp-show-posts-entry-date published" datetime="%1$s" itemprop="datePublished">%2$s</time>';
	$time_string = sprintf( $time_string,
		esc_attr( get_the_date( 'c' ) ),
		esc_html( get_the_date() ),
		esc_attr( get_the_modified_date( 'c' ) ),
		esc_html( get_the_modified_date() )
	// If our date is enabled, show it
	$output = sprintf(
		'<span class="wp-show-posts-posted-on wp-show-posts-meta">

	return $output;

This does work (though I am not sure if the PHP is done right, as I was copying code from the forum and then modifying to take out the modified date part.