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Hi Tom, I’m kind of a newbie when it comes to this. When I check wpsp both of my sites, under the “Cards” section is set to “none.” For the site that’s working properly with the code, the “cards” section is not set to “base” but to “none.” So I’m not sure why my other site isn’t responding to the same code even though the settings on wpsp matches with the site that is working.

As for the tablet view (and when I slowly minimize the size of my web browser), the formatting changes. The padding becomes out of place as well as the excerpt.

For the mobile code, how come it only works on the home page and not for other pages? And is there CSS to hide excerpt in mobile only?

Just to clarify, everything mentioned is referring to the site linked in this post.

Sorry for so many questions, still learning. haha

Thanks in advance Tom!