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Hello Tom, so I’ve been trying for the past 2 days to get it to work, but I just can’t seem to figure it out. Just to make it clear this is what I’m trying to achieve.

1.) I’m using the same CSS I used on the site I linked here (Password: Generatepress), but only some codes are responding in the site I linked here. When I check wpsp both of my sites, under the “Cards” section is set to “none.” For the site that’s working properly with the code, the “cards” section is not set to “base” but to “none.” So I’m not sure why the site I linked here isn’t responding to the same code even though the settings on wpsp matches with the site that is working.

2.) Even with the code that works, under tablet view (and when I slowly minimize the size of my web browser), the formatting changes. The padding becomes out of place as well as the excerpt. How can i make it look smooth in tablet view and when minimizing the tab?

3.) For the mobile view, I want the image to float on top, centered, just like how it is on desktop but with the height a bit thinner. I’ve decided not to add an excerpt to make it look clean. If it is not possible, it is fine, I just wanted to make it thinner so those on mobile don’t have to scroll a lot to see all the posts on the homepage.

4.) How can I make the shadows around the padding more apparent?

Sorry for so many questions Tom. I’m still learning lol.

Thanks in advance!