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Totally forgot about that. The CSS looks so much better and way easier. Now I don’t have to manually add the post id to the CSS. Thanks Tom!

Now on to #2 and #3. 🙂

Let me reexplain #2. So, actually it looks fine across all three views (desktop, tablet, mobile). The problem occurs only when I shrink my browser tab. Once the browser tab px is less than tablet but more than mobile, there’s excess margins/padding since the image is not big enough. What I want to do is to show 2 columns until it reaches mobile size if possible. Hope my explaining is clear.

As for #3 it’s still the same. Sidebar widget recent posts padding is inconsistent compared to other wpsp. If the title is shorter, it’s also shorter. It’s not the same as the ones on my homepage where the padding/margin size stays consistent regardless of the title length.

Thank You!