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Hi Tom, Thank You for the CSS code!

As stupid as it sounds I can’t seem to locate where my screenshot files are located or even if I did take the screenshot. Guess I’ll try my best to explain it. If you click on one of the posts and look at the recent posts on the right, you’ll notice how the containers underneath each image where the title is located has a different size depending on the length of the title. Now, if you look at the homepage, you’ll notice how all of the containers wrapping the wpsp are the same length regardless of the title lengths. That’s what I’m trying to achieve with the recent posts wpsp.

It should be easier to see if you minimize the browser tab to tablet size, click into one of the posts, and scroll down until you see recent posts. It’ll look uneven. You can even compare it to the related post and notice how related posts are even. Hope my explaining is clear.

Thanks in advance!