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Alexander Seboe

Afer working with your theme and WPSHowposts for a while now using it on two sites, a third might come later, one is ready: http://dasilvaseboe.de/
I use the WPSP lists as design building blocks, as you can see.

My suggestsions are:
1) Option to disable all links for a post or a whole list. Like this you can use posts as a tool to design a page like I did on my startpage and in that case you might not want links to the actual posts.

I do this using the following function in the header.php of my child theme:

var pTags = jQuery( “.home section#wpsp-65 article div.wp-show-posts-inner div.wp-show-posts-image a img,.home section#wpsp-11 article div.wp-show-posts-inner div.wp-show-posts-image a img,.home section#wpsp-50 article div.wp-show-posts-inner div.wp-show-posts-image a img” );
if ( pTags.parent().is( “a” ) ) {


2) At the moment I have to manually write HTML code in each post’s abstract field to have it come out formated in the summary/abstract which is displayed on the page.
It would be much more convenient if I could just format the main post and the abstrat would come out formated automatically.