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Hey there, was attempting to use WPSP within my CPT archive built with Toolset here:https://matchlessweb.com/project/

I created the CPT and archive with Toolset. I would like to not have to use Toolset to design the loop layout or “view” as they call it. I much prefer the styling an ease of use of WPSP.

Toolset doesn’t seem to allow you to delete the loop from the page. But I suppose I could leave it empty and just drop the WPSP shortcode below that. So there’d be an empty loop function but at least the shortcode would show up. At least I think.

Since I don’t want the loop function of the Toolset archive page, would I be better of creating a static page called https://matchlessweb.com/projects <—-with an “s” (on the end of the slug) and just treat that static page as my pseudo-archive for this CPT?

Currently, the single CPT posts have this link structure: https://matchlessweb.com/project/ms-mane-co/ (but I might be able to change that in the Toolset settings, and maybe even the archive page title if it would help)

But I guest the CPT posts themselves wouldn’t actually be children of the CPT because the relationship between the archive page and the posts would be severed. Tell me if I’m wrong. I’m just guessing here.

Would that be a bad idea? Any negative impact from a site structure or SEO standpoint or anything else I’m not considering?