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They are descriptions (not the official names) of the custom field set up in PODS. I have about 20 custom fields in the pod – everything from code for iframe google map code, urls for links to organisations running events, a field for speakers, two time fields for start and end time, etc.

I’m trying to use those fields to populate a static page with ‘the next three events’ that are coming up. And I’m trying to use WPShowPosts to do that but it may be the wrong tool, I’m not sure.

I seem – on having looked closer – to have a bigger problem with the PODS not connecting to Beaver Themer. It may be that there is some plugin conflict – I wasn’t aware of this issue when I first posted here yesterday so I’m looking into that now to see if there’s something I’ve done that has completely disconnected the PODS and made them in accessible to both Beaver Themer and WP Show Posts.

In principle, though, if I have set up the POD correctly should WPShowPosts pick up the fields in the custom post types created by a POD?
Thank you