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Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply.

Silly me, I just changed the color using the tools in the editor. Duh!!

I think I found a solution for to filter the content on posts lists generated by WPSP. It’s a plugin called Smart Content Filter by Pixify.

According to them, “Smart Content Filter (SCF) by default doesn’t allow to filter dynamic content like the post loop. But, it would still be possible to extend that functionality and add filtering to the dynamic loop using a custom JavaScript snippet that maps the post loop identifiers (HTML IDs / classes) with the filter tag names.

We have done that before for many of our users who wanted SCF to work with dynamic content, and I can certainly assist you with the JavaScript code snippet to extend it. You’re only expected to know the basic element identifiers to map them with the filter tags.”

Smart Content Filter: https://pixify.net/products/smart-content-filter/

I’m not sure when you plan on having reworking WPSP to include the filter option, so this might be a good solution for users who want this function and who want to use WPSP.

Hope this helps.

Have a good day, Tom.