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Thanks for that Tom! Would you recommend me creating a child template for that archive template before trying to add the WPSP loop function?

I was primarily thinking of making this for my blog posts only. But I’d also be interested in setting this up for CPTs. I have a CPT for my portfolio items called “projects”. I created the CPT using Toolset Types, but I’m not using what would be the normal/default archive page: that would be created by Toolset if I enabled that archive page.

I much rather prefer the look of WPSP. So i created this page: and just dropped the shortcode for my projects lists there. So that page isn’t necessarily acting like a true archive page I suppose. But it has given me the look I’m after.

Any of my projects have this kind of file path:

But if you remove the end of that slug, and just visit ,that of course would not be the pseudo-archive page I’m currently using

So I know that doesn’t really work as a real archive setup. But would I be able to get WPSP acting as the loop for my archive for that CPT?