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Thank you, this seems like a perfect solution, but no matter what I try, the settings never seem to have any effect.

I’ve tried setting both fields via the settings and neither in the Dashboard, as well as setting each via the settings and the other in the Dashboard. The one I set in the Dashboard is the only one to ever have any effect – its as if the settings in the shortcode aren’t even there. I’ve also tried using both the category/tag names, as well as their IDs in the settings. For example, I’ve tried:

[wp_show_posts id="93" settings="category__and=styletag__in=homepage"]
[wp_show_posts id="93" settings="category__and=8tag__in=68"]
[wp_show_posts id="93" settings="category__and=style"]
[wp_show_posts id="93" settings="8tag__in=68"]

I noticed in the other post the “category_in” only had one underscore, while according to the WP reference it should have two. So I fixed that – but either way, it does nothing.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong here?