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Basically on the homepage, for each List, I’m just specifying that the tag equals “homepage” and then whatever the category is. For the category pages, I think I”ll be specifying that the tag equals “featured” and then whatever the sub-category of that category is that I want to pull from.

So homepage, might be:
List 1: tag=homepage, cat=1
List 2: tag=homepage, cat=2
List 1: tag=homepage, cat=3
List 2: tag=homepage, cat=4

Then a category might look like:
List 1: tag=featured, cat=12
List 2: tag=featured, cat=13
List 1: tag=featured, cat=14
List 2: tag=featured, cat=15

From my perspective, I think it would still work well to be able to do the original concept of specifying the category and tag via the shortcode in the editor, ie: [wp_show_posts id="93" settings="category__and=style&tag__in=homepage"] but I’m open to whatever ideas you might have that would accomplish that general intention.