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Home Forums Pro Support Remove slick.woff from WPSP Carousel Reply To: Remove slick.woff from WPSP Carousel


Hello Tom,

Thanks for the quick answer and for the information.

What do I need to do on my end to see the changes? Is there an updated version of WPSP that I need to install?

I went through the various setting on the posts list for the carousel (from Posts through More Settings), and there is no option to enable arrows?

The way we did the arrows was with the following php you sent:

add_filter( 'wpsp_carousel_args', function( $args ) {
    $args['arrows'] = true;
    $args['dots'] = false;

    return $args;
} );

wp-show-posts .slick-next:before, 
.wp-show-posts .slick-prev:before {
    color: black;

.wp-show-posts .slick-arrow {
    z-index: 500;

.wp-show-posts .slick-prev {
    left: 0;

.wp-show-posts .slick-next {
    right: 0;

Thank you, Tom.