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Hi Tom,

I am also trying to reduce the lenght of the custom excerpts. If I understand right, with the above solution we can solved it setting a text string for each post in the wpsp_excerpt (a custom field that we have to create). This test string (if exists) will replace the excerpt.

So the steps are:
– create a custom field wpsp_excerpt
– in each post, insert the text we want to replace the excerpt with

– Is that correct?
– Does it also work with the excerpt of the woocommerce single products? (it’s crucial to me because i need to manage how the short descriptions of the procuts are shown in wp show posts)
– Dumb question… where I can put that snippet code? (never put snippet codes directly so far, I usually use functions.php) If it could be of any help, I also have generatepress pro. (and happy with that, by the way 🙂

Thank you. All the best. Carlo