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Hi Joao,

I’m still trying to understand how to best use WPSP new cards functionality and today, in a moment of impatience, I decided to do a local wordpress installation. To my surprise, excerpt word count doesn’t work there also. If I specify 10 words, it keeps showing the first paragraph. I started my grid post by selecting cards overlay 1, then did several custom changes – all seemed to work – but not that one. One that isn’t working also is image height. I want to specify a image height but one row (2 posts) show one height, another row (another 2 posts) show a different height.

It’s actually a good idea to have a local dev environment for your WordPress site. Some of us are using this https://localwp.com/ . You may want to try it out too.:)

I’ve tried replicating the issue w/ my own locally hosted WordPress installation and was unable to replicate the issue. Can you inspect your webpage for any errors? perhaps maybe clear WP and browser cache as well?

1. set font to All Caps

1. Can you specify which part? Ex: title, excerpt, button. etc.

If you want the title to be all caps, you can try this CSS.

.wp-show-posts-entry-title a {

For the button:

.wpsp-read-more {
	text-transform: uppercase;

For excerpt/entry summary:

.wp-show-posts-entry-summary p {
	text-transform: uppercase;

2. All elements used in WPSP are aligned left by default.

3. I’m not sure what you mean by this. Can you elaborate further? (provide screenshots/video if possible.)