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Hello Tom,

Thank you very much. I got around to updating WPSP Pro today. It worked out great! Thank you very much.

Regarding the arrows for carousels. where in WPSP’s settings are they? I could not find them. The carousel currently has arrows, which I imagine are from the code referenced in my last message. The arrows style after updating the plugin did change. Before, it was a dark circle with a transparent arrow. Now, they are dark grey arrows.

The reason I ask is because the arrows are quite small, and I wanted to increase their size.

In the following code, would I change the value for right: and left: in the last two sections?

add_filter( 'wpsp_carousel_args', function( $args ) {
    $args['arrows'] = true;
    $args['dots'] = false;

    return $args;
} );

wp-show-posts .slick-next:before, 
.wp-show-posts .slick-prev:before {
    color: black;

.wp-show-posts .slick-arrow {
    z-index: 500;

.wp-show-posts .slick-prev {
    left: 0;

.wp-show-posts .slick-next {
    right: 0;

Thank you, Tom, and have a good one!