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Hi Carlo,

WPSP by default doesn’t have responsive settings that will let you display different columns for different viewports.

But there’s definitely a workaround that will surely work. This is definitely possible.

You can simply create 2 WPSP lists. 1 that only appears on desktop/tablet and 1 that only appears for mobile. Place then on the same page.

Leave your desktop list to the 6 card carousel list’s WPSP settings but make it disappear on mobile by custom CSS code.


/* hide desktop list on mobile */
@media (max-width:768px){
#wpsp-list-desktop {

Just replace the #wpsp-list-desktop with id selector of your desktop WPSP list.

We then set the carousel settings for the mobile list to only display 1 post at a time and then make sure it only shows on mobile by setting this CSS.

/* hide by default */
display: none;

/* display on mobile*/

Just change the #wpsp-mobile to the ID selector of your mobile WPSP list.