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Home Forums Pro Support Add custom hover over effect with CSS to post images Reply To: Add custom hover over effect with CSS to post images


Hi Vishnu,

The second question: Is there any way to directly add CSS class (I have inserted hover.css code in my child theme css file, it has many classes to bring about cool animation effects…) to the elements like image, title etc in the post list generated by the plugin? If yes, how to achieve that?

You can manipulate the HTML structure and its attributes by using PHP filters.

Here’s one example – https://wpshowposts.com/support/topic/categories-inside-the-featured-images/#post-19608

If you’d notice, there are HTML elements within the code. These are written in literal strings that we can change/add to.

You just need to know what hooks to use.

For now, you can ask us for it as the documentation for the hooks list used by WPSP is still under construction. You can also browse through the plugin files for clues if you can understand them.