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As I just discovered, they don’t display if the posts are Private.

Tom, I think a fix is needed. I installed yesterday and the first thing I tried to do was create a list with a specific category term. The posts are published but are also private. The term isn’t available in the list unless I turn off the private setting on at least one post with the category. It’s a new site and I’ll be adding new categories regularly. In most cases, I need to be able to build the WPSP list before I make the posts Public. I just checked and it’s doing the same thing with tags. In fact, the Terms selector doesn’t even appear unless the terms are on posts that aren’t marked Private.

Not all of the lists I’ll be creating will be public-facing. I use taxonomies internally to manage the workflow of posts in development (all Published as Private). I was counting on this tool to help filter and manage them. It seems like it should just show all of the terms I’ve added to the database.

Thanks for doing what you do.