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Home Forums Pro Support How to show own excerpt ? Reply To: How to show own excerpt ?


I’m not sure if i understood correctly but i wanted to show you what i have when i remove the CSS to hide the read more tag. Did you mean the “Find out more” should not be shown in this case?

If i wanted to show this instead of the excerpt how would i go about it? Do i need to edit the theme’s single.php at all or is it enough with wsps hooks? If yes, do i need to chage anything in this part of the hook?

    $meta = get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), '_your_custom_meta_key', true );
    if ( isset( $meta ) && '' !== $meta )
        echo $meta;

Sorry if its beyond the scope of the plugin support,im unable to get my head round it and will appreciate a little guide. Thanks !