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Home Forums Pro Support a way to customize excerpt, keep post format Reply To: a way to customize excerpt, keep post format


Hi Tom,

Thanks for your response especially seeing that it was something I needed to learn about WordPress, I’m new with all this..

1. Helping me with the “excerpt” metabox solved question 1 & 2. for Q1, I was just able to select the text that I want so I took out the title from showing up again

2. the page right now is set to private since I’m working on it and it’s to sell what I’m working on.

Here is an example of what I was talking about:

Sweet cherry red lips.. (title of post)
Sweet cherry red lips.. And what makes you Believe Iā€™m sliding in that direction.. Was it when I asked… (title again and a long sentence that should be 3 short sentences, center aligned)

eXcitedly dreaming.. (title of post)
It all starts with a dream
a love story that is
a dream about a girl..

(how I wanted to keep the format of post, just like the post page when you click on title or the read more button) (added </br> at the end of the first two sentences to keep more or less the same format of center alignment)

3. not sure if you mean the “content” tab in customize.. I’ll keep looking around.

the main things were questions 1 and 2. really appreciate your help in explaining that feature for me and all the videos you have posted on vimeo which have helped me tremendously in this learning process..

Love your work!! šŸ™‚