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Home Forums Pro Support Two WPSP on singe page Pagination issue Reply To: Two WPSP on singe page Pagination issue


If I keep it 1200 x 400 the featured image displays 1200 x 400 and the rest of the images in two columns display 600 x 200, But the page size is 1.2meg with that setting, and 7.15kb when set to 600 x 200.

I’d like to keep the page size smaller and display the featured image at 1200 x 400.

I don’t know why the code you sent doesn’t work. I was really hoping this would be a solution.

Thanks Tom,

FYI, there is still a bug with the offset setting. put in anything in that field and the first page repeats instead of paginating. I can submit a separate ticket for that issue if you want.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,