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Hi Tom,

Sorry to bring this up again. I’m having an issue with this method and was wondering if you could shed any light.

The code works OK when I use a WPSP List to show all posts for my CPT (Events)(eg. https://www.orangewinefestival.com.au/event-program/events-program/), but when I choose a taxonomy (event_type) it stops working (eg. https://www.orangewinefestival.com.au/event-program/weekday-events/).

I am using a custom field to sort by, a field I have created called event_id, which is a number field. I tried setting that as a text field but it didn’t fix the issue.

If I change to order by field in WPSP List settings then the order will change, so it appears that when a Custom Taxonomy is being used, the ‘settings’ part of the shortcode is being ignored.

Any ideas?