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Hey Tom,

Sorry to drag this one back out, but I’m having an issue with this. I have a second WP Show Posts list that should hide when empty but it doesnt. This is due to the fact that it doesnt apply a .wpsp-no-results class when empty.

I’m completely at a loss why it wouldnt apply that class to itself like the other one on the page, I’ve tried to recreate it with a new list as well, and same thing happens.

To view the section with the list in it you can access my staging site:

Username to view the site is collaborator… and surely you know what the password is by now. 😉

I’ve been doing tests here to no avail. If you access the page source and search for .wpsp-no-results you can see that it only appears once and thats in the #upcoming-airshows div section which has hidden automatically with the code you supplied earlier. The other one that should hide is the #next-episode div, but its not it just sits there and wont add the no results class to itself even though its empty.

I still need to reply to your other posts on here, and I apologise for not getting to them sooner. The site proper launched last night and leading up to it I’ve been doing last minute bug fixes. Obviously I didnt catch them all. 😛