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Hi Jamal,

Thanks so much for the feedback!

Cards should maybe be set as presets to give us a base to start off with before editing the individual settings. If cards are higher up in the menu thats where we will start before fiddling with the options later.

Interesting idea – I wonder where in the settings would be ideal. I think it might be nice to do a “Design” tab which would hold the cards as well as all of the other design options.

Read more border. How to remove it in easier way? When read more class deleted maybe apply color choice as set in wpsp. Or ability to chose if its a button or link

Yea, there isn’t an option for the read more border. There really should be.

Card names from dropdown and on demos page not same

Thanks! Updated.

Cards presets with image on upper half of column. Just like ‘overlap’ but without the overlap

Something like the “Base” card?

Carousel navigation arrows would be very useful

I agree – I just couldn’t get the design right. It’s possible to turn them on via a filter for now until we add the option.

On cards like Polaroid, could it be possible to replace the image with video or slides?

Right now you’d likely need to use hooks in order to do this. Definitely possible, though.

Throw in some of your magic hooks and filters to allow better integration with GP theme. Things like color settings, color presets inheritable from theme could make it more easier for us.

I’ve heard this a lot. Would definitely be nice to integrate the two styles – hard to do though! 🙂