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Yeah, sorry, it’s a bit of an odd question:

Here is a link that currently shows what I am talking about:

The posts that are listed on this page each have three categories assigned to them.

On this page (at the link above), I am listing — using your plugin — all posts marked with the “Living Book” category.

On the front end page it is currently displaying/showing all three categories that are assigned to each post.

The question is: Would there be any way to display/show just the “source” of the quote, which in this case is “Vernon Howard,” even though the list I am displaying are posts within the “Living Book” category.

So to explain further, there could be other “Sources” of a quotation within this “Living Book” list (which there will be once I begin to enter the data), such as quotations by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Baruch Spinoza, etc., and I would just want to display/show the person/source/author who said the quotation.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for your help,