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Home Forums Pro Support WPML and "Read more…" translation problems Reply To: WPML and "Read more…" translation problems


Hi Tom,

The base language of the site is Swedish so the WP Show Posts list in question has “Läs mer…” as the entry in the “Read more text” box under “Content”. WPML did not pick this entry up at all, i.e. it was not translatable which makes me think it’s actually a problem with the plugin. What I did was use the WPML function “Make ‘Post Lists’ translatable” and checked the wpsp_read_more_text field name as “translatable”. So as you can see above, I get to fill that entry in the translation editor. Somehow it does not work when the page is rendered though. I’m a bit at a loss – it could be a WPSP problem (my guess because I should not need to use the WPML “hack” to accomplish this) but the problem might well be in WPML (or even somewhere between my keyboard and my chair lol). It’s a custom field after all and the best would have been if WPML could have picked it up somehow. It’s not that WPSP if full of stuff that needs translation – this is the only place, right?

Do you have any advice?