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I would love to edit my messages but I can’t that why I reply…

I think this kind help to understand my need:

At the moment WPShowPosts displays the content of fields:
* title
* content
* link
* icons

I use 4 of my customs fields in my custom Post Type displayed by WPShowPosts.
I would like to use a function (or something else?) to replace these defaults sources (fields) by my 4 customs fields (datas of these fields:

1) custom-title : the filter to get the data is “custom_title“. I want use custom title instead of the original title field

2) custom-content : the filter to get the data is custom_content, I want use custom content instead of the original content field

3) custom-link : the filter to get the data is custom_link , I want use custom link instead of the original link field

4) custom-content-2: the filter to get the data is the filter is custom_content_2 , I want that my custom content 2 replace either an Icon or all icons div, or been placed (the div of my custom content 2) before/next the div of Title.

Can you help please?