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Hmm, that’s odd.

To clarify my previous comment, all of the Post IDs mentioned in the query are posts from WP Show Posts. I don’t actually have any “Posts” (literally none) on the site – it’s all pages.

There are only two types of lists I’ve created (using wp show posts):

  1. A list for every category (references the wordpress category). Each one of these wp show post shortcodes appears on 1 page only, often with other similar wordpress category wp show post lists (e.g. https://imgur.com/bcmNE95)
  2. A list that includes every page on the site (https://imgur.com/S7l9S4w). This appears on basically every page on the site. Although this is suspect given its prominence across the site, note that this references pages – not posts. And all of the IDs listed in the query above are posts (from wp show posts)

Really am stumped on this one. Is there any way to reverse engineer where this query is coming from? As mentioned, it disappears when I disable the plugin.

Thank you for your help Tom.