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Home Forums Pro Support How do I upload images? Reply To: How do I upload images?


On that page, you’ve added the featured image to the page you’re adding the shortcode to.

Then below it, you have 4 pages displaying using WPSP.

If you want images above each of those 4 pages, then each of those pages need to have featured images – not the page that you’re adding the shortcode to.

WPSP displays posts, pages – any kind of post type. The data it displays (titles, content, images etc..) are attached to the post/page/whatever it is displaying.

So for example, create a few posts in your Dashboard – give them titles, some content and a featured image.

Then create a new list using WPSP and tell it to display posts.

When you add that shortcode for the list you created to a page, you’ll see the data for each individual post that you just created.

Hopefully this makes more sense 🙂