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Hi Tom,

I’ve made it!
Thank you for your help. But, please have a look at the whole email below.

I can only choose “Post” to be displayed, so it doesn’t allow me to create “pages” I mean, it doesn’t let me choose “Pages” in the drop down, everything is a mess if I choose Pages. In your video you have more options, Post, Page, Attachment and Product?

After you click on “iMac” from “Sell your Apple Mac” page, it shows all “posts” (all from the list) I only need to show the “iMac”


The most important thing I need to know is how do I create another “list” (for example, a whole category only) because if I create a second list, it will grab all “previous posts”. You can see it here: http://cash4mac.co.uk/imac/

For instance, [wp_show_posts id=”111″] is: iMac, Apple Laptops, MacPro and MacMini (those are Posts, because I can’t create Pages) it won’t let me.

How do I create another list (with only all iMacs or all MacBook Pro or all Mac Pro) to be shown only when you click on that post “iMac” ? I hope you got what I am trying to explain.

Sell your Apple Mac

​Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it. And I’ve got the second row in the “content area” yes, it was just clicking the “kitchen sink” thank you for that. As you can see, I am doing everything with your products, I love Generate Press.

Kind Regards,

Patricia Barrios