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Home Forums Pro Support Heavy MySQL Usage via admin-ajax.php Reply To: Heavy MySQL Usage via admin-ajax.php


Hi Tom,

Thank you for the code fix. Response from WPX (paraphrasing):

“!is_admin() won’t work because it returns ‘true’ on ajax requests but !is_user_logged_in() seems to work for front-end requests but I don’t know what is best, so the developer should decide.

The query will run on every back-end request so there will be less usage, hopefully, the plugin will be updated with a similar fix as the developer recommends.

I’m not sure that users will need this query to run on every page(with ‘admin-ajax.php’) when they are logged in.

Thank you to the developer because he didn’t ignore the case, we have had similar cases from other plugins that were just ignored without any performance fixes!”

So it seems like a significant improvement at the very least! Thank you very much for your assistance on this issue Tom. I’m sure you have loads of priorities, but do you plan on implementing this or a similar fix as an update to the plugin?

Thank you kind sir.