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[Resolved] add to cart / card template

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    I using GP + WPSP (beta test) + Woocommerce
    I was trying to make a masonry grid of products with GP and I didn’t know how to do it …

    today I thought with the combination of WPSP and wow!, is what I was looking for as a grid masonry …

    but I need to be able to add the “add to cart” button on the card

    is there a place where templates can be modified?

    what code would it be to put the “add to cart” button?


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    Hi there,

    Add to cart can be tough, as WooCommerce has a bunch of javascript it adds to make it all happen without reloading the page.

    Is that what you’re going for, or do you want it to reload/go to the cart/checkout once clicked?


    hi Tom,

    what I am looking for is
    “add to cart and continue shopping without changing pages” as the default grid, if that can be…

    and something I forgot, also being able to show the price
    is the masonry grid
    is the default structure of woocommerce + GP (premium)
    you already know

    i don’t know if it would be easier to modify the woocommerce template from GP? i didn’t get it



    As of right now it’s not possible to add their AJAX (no re-load) add to cart buttons to WPSP, as WooCommerce doesn’t provide a simple function/shortcode to output their buttons.

    It may be something we look at integrating in the future, as it would be a useful feature.


    Hi Tom,

    what a pity, he thought it could be done.
    in the forum I found similar queries from two years ago…
    and I thought it would have already been applied

    thanks for all,

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    Unfortunately not – sorry about that!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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