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[Support request] AJAX Pagination Issue with Offset

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    There appears to be an issue when Ajax pagination is enabled and offset is turned on. It duplicates the articles basically. I plugged in display 25 and offset 25 and when you click “load more”, its displaying those 25 again instead of loading the next 25.

    If I turn off offset, it works but that’s not what we are trying to achieve here. Basically we are trying to create a “custom” read more page from our main page because the “load more” doesn’t work on the main page as it conflicts with the other shortcode we are using to display our featured articles elsewhere on the same page. (I really wish you guys would fix this.)

    We tried using the basic pagination, however its not setup for SEO. There are no canonical urls in place when someone goes to page 2. Instead it just links to the main page url, which is terrible for SEO.


    Hi there,

    There’s a known issue with pagination and offset when you have multiple WPSP lists (or multiple wp_query loops with other plugins).

    If I may suggest a workaround, you can try my suggestion here:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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