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[Resolved] Any Updates ?

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    Hi Tom , i know that this period you work hard for Generateblocks , but i would like to ask if is going to be any updates for this plugin or if this will continue to be supported ?

    I ask this for 2 reasons , i work mostly with GP tools and i have used this in a couple of sites , but i would like to know any information about the future of this plugin so i would like to know what tools to work in the future . is going to be hooked inside Generateblocks , all in one ?

    And second reason is if i should renew my licence as i have not seen any update since i bought it .

    I believe is a great tool but needs some fixes here and there , i have noticed some issues in the past i have writen before some topics etc.

    I hope you doing well .


    Hi there,

    We will continue to update and support this plugin – there are no plans to discontinue it at the moment.

    The reason development has somewhat stopped for the moment is due to Gutenberg. We’d like to re-develop it to be used in the block editor, which will require a complete re-write.


    Hi Tom and thanks for your quick answer.

    I would suggest till the new plugin arives , some improvements on the GP blog then , i mean it would a nice thing if we can display the blog page like some of the cards style .

    Cause is so basic and hard to style it that it needs plugins to do a modern look for your blog post .

    Have a nice day

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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