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[Support request] bbpress metadata and dates in wpshowposts

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    bbpress is a fantastic plugin for creating forums. But its display of forums and topics is really messy.
    I discovered that wpshoposts can show the forums and topics. But the metadata of bbpress is not available for use in the wpshowposts. Though somebody can show the title, the feature image and the excerpt of the topics and forums, other things like date of creation, replies, etc are not available.
    Is there some way to access the whole battery of metadata of the bbpress into the wpshowposts? If yes, please guide me through!


    Hi there,

    We’re not exactly what functions or meta keys BBpress uses. You can ask them what meta keys they use for the metadata mentions and then you can display them by hooking them in on WPSP hooks.

    WPSP hooks you can use are:

    wpsp_before_wrapper – this is before <section> that wraps the post list
    wpsp_inside_wrapper – This is inside the section but before the post list
    wpsp_inside_image_container – inside the image wrapper of a post
    wpsp_before_header – before the header that holds the title
    wpsp_before_title – before the title element itself
    wpsp_before_content – before the excerpt
    wpsp_after_title – after the title element
    wpsp_after_content – after the excerpt
    wpsp_after_wrapper – this is after </section> that wraps the post list


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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