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[Support request] Carousel doesn’t work

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    Hey, I’m sorry but I just can’t get the Carousel working and I’d appreciate some help.
    These are the Settings for the List: https://imgur.com/a/sLXLoKU
    This is the site with the List right on top: https://julian-mark.com/ – I created 3 posts tagged with a specific term so they should appear there. However only the most recent post shows up. If I raise the ‘Post per page’-option to three, all posts show up but not within a Carousel but instead stacked on top of each other.

    I tried checking/unchecking the ‘Masonry’- and ‘Featured post’-options. These are the Plugins I’ve installed: https://imgur.com/8cDE29C

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’d love to enable this feature. Thanks!


    Hi there,

    WPSP’s carousel doesn’t work if “Post per page” value is equal to the “Post to show” since the carousel doesn’t have posts to reveal as all of the post are already revealed when “post per page” is equal to “post to show”.

    Make sure the post per page value is higher than the post to show in carousel for it to work. 🙂


    Thanks for your answer. I already tried raising the ‘Post per page’-option. Now all three posts show up but not in a Carousel, but instead stacked on top of each other…

    The values are now:
    Posts per page: 3

    Carousel (unchanged. If I change these values though nothing happens. The Carousel box is checked.)
    Posts to show: 1
    Posts to scroll: 3



    Have you set the card style before changing the carousel settings? If so, you may have to set the carousel settings again.

    Setting a card style resets the carousel settings. You may have to check and re-enable it again.

    Note: It may not be good to set a post to scroll value bigger than post to show as your carousel will end up not showing some posts as the scrolling would skip some.


    Thanks for the heads up, ‘Posts to show’ and ‘Posts to scroll‘ are now both set to 1.

    I have now tried to uncheck and re-enable the Carousel settings after setting the Card style, which didn’t work.
    I also created a new page and put the List there as the only element.
    And I have temporarily deactivated every Plugin except WP Show Posts, but still the List posts are stacked on top of each other and don’t show up as a Carousel.

    Has this issue never occurred before?… I’m out of ideas. :/


    The only known bug related w/ carousel is when using pagination. The two settings don’t work well together.

    But It’s also possible that the theme’s scripts may be in conflict with WPSP.

    Our usual debugging process are:

    Disable all plugins except WPSP.
    Check for any script snippets hooked anywhere on the site.
    Replace theme with WordPress default. (example: twenty twenty)

    You can try process of elimination for potential conflicts. I understand that this sounds tedious, but that’s the way to go.



    To add to this/reminder:

    Post per page’s value should always be higher than post to show and post to scroll value to make sure it works properly.

    Let us know if you got it sorted. 😀

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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