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[Support request] Category page as a static page questions?

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    I have WPSP pro and have seen this mentioned


    Is this currently still the best option for this?

    Also, if I go to page 2 of the category archive, will it default to the standard archive or still use the static page?

    Ideally what I’d like is the first category page to be a static page with the WPSP in it. (Possibly the WP 5.8 query loop in the near future), then the pages 2 onwards for that category, to use the standard WordPress archive

    Or, I can have a different static page for page archives 2 onwards, that would work too. Basically I want the first page of the category page to be different from the pages 2 onwards

    is that possible?


    Hi there,

    Yes that still works. And I think it’s the best option as it’s really simple.

    But assuming you don’t mind if the archive page is coming a static page or an actual WP default archive page, I’d consider this:

    Users from the previous topics (on both WPSP and GP forums) have different ways of doing this.

    On GP side, some use generate_has_default_loop filter to remove their default loop and add in WPSP post loops.

    Some users use a child theme and use wpsp_display() to replace their query on their child theme template for archive pages.

    Some users do it which the one you’ve link. (making static pages as archive pages)

    I don’t think any of them are better option than the other.

    While child theming is significantly more tedious work, this gives you more control if you want a more customized styling for the entire page.

    The filtering(generate_has_default_loop) of loops only replace the loop part but the other parts of the page is basically the same. (it’s still the default archive page)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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