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[Resolved] Column and gutter width not resizing properly when rescaling

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    I have som trouble with a three column layout showing my latest posts.
    When I resize the browser viewport the column and gutter width does not resize properly.
    Viewport for desktop is ok, but when the viewport is resized to about 910-910 px things start to mess up.
    In the first row both column and gutter width are not adapting to the viewport as expected.
    In the second row column width are uneven, but the gutter width are ok.
    Please note the two included screenshots.

    Desktop view – ok
    Desktop view - column and gutters ok

    View resized – column and gutter mess up
    Desktop view - column and gutters mess up


    Hi there,

    Any chance you can share your URL with us? Not sure what could be causing this.

    Let me know 🙂


    Thank you Tom for your quick reply – and sorry for my late answer 😉

    The URL is here: http://www.dof-bornholm.dk/dof-bh-wp/

    I changed the Card for the WSP list “Nyheder” from “None” to “Base” and voila! – that solved the problem.
    Change the card back to “None” and the problem reappear.


    Is the issue still visible? Here’s what I’m seeing: https://www.screencast.com/t/60RTLefXr


    The issue is not visible now as shown in your screencast.
    I changed the Card setting to “Base” from “None” and columns resize perfect. Leave the Card to “Base”
    Settings for Cards in WP Show Post


    Strange, I’ll dig into this without the card setting.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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